Do you ever wonder how your favorite social media influencers always seem to have consistent, curated, and creative social media content?

Like they always have the perfect “Taco Tuesday” photo or know that it is #nationalchocolatechipcookieday while you are barely remember that it’s Wednesday.

You aren’t alone!

Until we discovered how vital it is to access to beautiful stock photography, gifs, pre-designed slideshows, and actually plan our social media it lacked consistency, creativity, and content. We were often posting about #TacoTuesday or #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay at 9pm when the day was just about over.

With the Influencer Blueprint - you can create a month of content in a matter of hours rather than days. Plus, by pre-planning your social media you will have more time to focus on your clients needs, create new products or services, or step away from social media for a few days and still maintain a consistent presence.

What is the Influencer Blueprint Community?

The Influencer Blueprint Community is where we (Jen & Amanda) share our top tips and tricks for creating eye catching content that will set you apart from everyone else in your industry.  

Because of our individual backgrounds as a mindset coach & professional photographer - plus we met through holistic health coaching - we understand how over-saturated social media can be with the same exact posts (&photos), over and over again. People are looking for FRESH, eye-catching, scroll stopping content and that’s what we strive to deliver!



Become a Influencer Blueprint Community Member to receive access to our ever growing library of social media content to begin planning your next series of social media content.

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With an ever-growing library of royalty-free stock photography, pre-made promotional videos, and support your social media content will transform over night.


And most importantly, you can set your social media to run on autopilot so you can spend more time doing what you love rather than searching the web for the perfect images to support your message and brand.



  • 30 Days to becoming a Social Influencer.

  • Full Social Media Training.

  • All of the buzz regarding the latest apps.

  • Best posts for audience engagement.

  • Marketing tips.

  • Motivational & Business Building Support

  • Top Apps & Tutorials.

  • Learn how to creating promo videos.

  • Learn how to create Slideshows.

    and much more!



One of many things you’ll come to learn about us, is that we love to help fellow small business owners work through their business challenges and celebrate their success, so we sprinkle in bits of business & mindset coaching within the community.

Join the Influencer Blueprint Community:



Become a member of the Influencer Blueprint Community through a subscription membership of $25.



It renews automatically each month on the same date you enrolled.

You can cancel at ANY time through PayPal subscriptions.
No contract or minimum commitment. It's on a month to month basis.

Due to the electronic & digital nature of the content shared, no refunds will be granted.
You are able to cancel your subscription at any time!

After you subscribe, please send me a FB message HERE! with your screenshot of payment for access. 

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Jen (on the left) & Amanda (on the right)

These two have been business besties met over 5 years ago thanks to social media! Though it took 5.5 years for the two to FINALLY join forces and build a virtual/social/online/community to life. That’s how 16 Paws Creative was born.

Jen, has an incredible toolbox of skills to include mindset coaching, she’s social media savvy, and gets creative in her side hustle making custom gifts & goodies for clients (and she brings a bit more woo-woo to the party than Amanda!).

Amanda, has built a boutique photography business from the ground up and often travels with her clients to create portraits and document their family milestones. When she isn’t behind the camera, she is actively working to help her fellow creatives level up in business and life with her Coaching for Creative articles and future live streams.