How can a virtual assistant support your business?

No two virtual assistants are alike just as no two humans or businesses are alike. At 16 Paws Creative our zone of genius is working with small creative business owners who need a little extra support, but aren’t ready or interested in managing employees or staff full-time.

What makes us a little different from other virtual assistants is that Jen and I operate independent small businesses in addition to 16 Paws Creative, we bold hold various certifications to include holistic health coaching, mindset coaching, and personal training.

At the time of launching 16 Paws Creative we struggled initially to streamline our services because we are both multi-passionate and knew our clients would be as well. But, we worked through what we both enjoy creating or spending time doing to create the following list of services:

General admin work to include:

  • email management

  • setting up email responders,

  • scheduling meetings & appointments

  • creating presentations

  • organizing your digital documents, etc.

Design work to include:

  • e-book creation

  • cookbook photography and book design

  • brochures & flyers

  • mailers

  • business cards

Social Media to include:

  • content development

  • content planning

  • content photography & design

  • content scheduling

  • newsletter setup and scheduling

A few examples of creative services we can assist with:

  • a personal trainer who wants to train clients rather than spend their time formatting recipe books or creating weekly newsletters - we can do that.

  • A deli owners attention needs to be on inventory, staffing, bringing clients in the door - we can help by managing your online presence by posting daily menu features & replying to customers so you can focus on providing top notch customer service.

  • Or perhaps you are a busy photographer who is overwhelmed with image culling, basic editing, and releasing images to your clients in a timely matter - we can help exceed customer expectations, maintain the look & feel of your brand while giving you the freedom to book more clients or spend more time doing what you love.


Amanda Kraft