Some of you might be unaware that I’ve been a full-time working professional photographer for my entire adult life. It’s only career path I’ve ever dreamed of since I was a young girl and to this day can’t imagine my life without a camera in hand.

As romantic as I feel about photography it hasn’t always been easy. When I was at the peak of my wedding photography career I was at the lowest point in my personal life. My marriage was on the verge of crumbling to pieces, I had no social life or form of self-care, and my waist line increased the more successful I became. I was tired, overwhelmed, burnt-out, and should have asked for help- but my stubborn, I can do all the things attitude kept me in a state of personal hell. It took one epic sized meltdown on the floor of my walk-in closet for me to understand and decided if I wanted to thrive my life would need to change, but I’ll save that for another time.

Part of 16 Paws Creative was born out of this idea that I (Amanda) could use my almost 20 years of experience in the photography industry to help other photographers and creatives avoid the growing pains I had experienced. Plus, I discovered that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping fellow creatives, health coaches, boutique owners, and photographers grow their business into something that makes them want to jump out of bed every morning.

Here’s how 16 Paws Creative can help photographers specifically with their business from behind the key board:

  • Review cost of goods vs. products sold to make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table

  • Image culling & basic color corrections to speed up turn around time from photo shoot to client photo reveal

  • Upload photographs to your lab for proof printing or online galleries

  • Create album designs for wedding & portrait clients

  • Create wall gallery mock-ups

  • Correspond with clients to finalize photo shoot details, wedding day checklists, finalize print & product orders

  • Prepare photos for editorial submission & blogs

  • Update your portfolio on your website & blog

  • Design studio magazines, lookbooks, product guides, & style guides

  • Create monthly newsletters featuring clients, new product releases, upcoming events & announcements

  • Create a social media plan and pre-schedule content so you remain consistent on Facebook & Instagram


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