Photography & Recipe E-Book Design - 16 Paws Creative

Are you a wellness coach or personal trainer who would love to provide your clients with beautiful photographed recipes in an branded-book?

Do you struggle to take decent food photos, but would love to be a food blogger?

Or perhaps you want to include a wellness tip or recipe in your newsletter, but often can’t find the right photo to add.

Food photography is an art form of it’s own and one that can either show off food beautifully or leave a lot to be desired. Amanda actually minored in food photography in college and ended up booking a client years ago based off her food photography portfolio.

When she isn’t photographing people she can typically be found in the kitchen creating a healthy meal for her and her husband. All of the dishes shown in the sample below were prepared, styled, and photographed by Amanda.


If you are a health coach, personal trainer, or wellness professional that wants to elevate their food photography & recipe game, send us an email to discuss your project & needs. Amanda can help bring your food photography dreams to life and Jen can help create a recipe catalog or e-book!

Amanda Kraft