Studio Magazine Design for Amanda Kraft Photography by 16 Paws Creative

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowded market is to bring your digital work to life through print. Of course, you’ll hear many argue that print is dead and in some ways it is, but as a designer or photographer creating printed marketing materials can really help you stand out.

Printed materials and samples are key for photographers - remember if you want your clients to invest in beautiful wall portraits, albums, or custom keepsake products you’ll need to create physical samples of your own work.

Studio magazines are a fantastic way to highlight your talents, but also feature your clients, their stories or businesses. Imagine your first point of contact with a new client is through a magazine filled with your beautiful work and

Studio magazines can be produced for around $5.00 a copy or less depending on the number of pages & quantity you wish to print. Use your magazine as a way to reconnect with past clients, educate potential or new clients, feature a specific venue or vendor and leave copies to share with their clients, handout at networking events, leave behind at hair salons, coffee shops, or small local boutiques.


Magazines are perfect for designers, photographers, boutique owners, salons, spas, wedding & event venues, gyms or wellness geared businesses. Amanda or Jen can help you brainstorm how to bring your magazine to life, the content you’ll need, and discuss pricing options.

Amanda Kraft