I’ve been on a personal development kick since the spring and it’s paying off in dividends! Listen up creative, if you are willing to show up for your clients (and family, and dogs) then you best show up for your damn self.

Stop and read that again - show up for your damn self!

Show Up for Your Damn Self - Coaching for Creatives - Personal Development & Business Coaching - 16 Paws Creative

Wanna know something cool - when you show up for yourself - your business shows up for you. 8 years ago, my husband and I did Whole30 for the month of August. He dropped 20 - 24 pounds and I lost 8. Showing up for myself/us meant cooking each meal from scratch, dragging my butt to spin class, drinking h2O like it was a job, and being super structured in my business. Wanna know what happened... It was the most freaking profitable month in my business EVER!

Ya’ll my vibe was insane that month and I was kicking butt and taking names! I felt on top of the world. Oh, and I think I was also studying to be a holistic health coach at the same time.

My point - when you show up for yourself you put skin in the game. You are showing yourself that you are worthy of the time investment to becoming the best version of yourself, you show your loved ones that you are’t playing around anymore, and you show your business that you are ready (physically, mentally, and emotionally) for the next level.

Here’s my challenge for you - I want you to show up for yourself daily for 1 hour a day!

In that hour I want you to move your body, take your vitamins, do the messy work. I’m not asking you to train all day for crossfit, cause Mat Frazer and Tia Clair Toomey got that #1 spot on lock-down, I’m not asking you to run 10-miles, I am not asking you to do hot yoga.

I’m asking you to lace up some sneakers and walk around the block, do some air squats, and do a little personal development!

Show up for yourself every single day and watch your business show up for you! Because, I believe in social proof - leave a comment below and let me know that you are taking on this challenge - I’ll be watching!