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Amanda here! I’ve wanted to create content for my fellow creatives for… forever…and I’ll be the first to admit this scared the crap out of me. Why?

Well, I was worried what others would think.

Do I have enough knowledge?


Would Tommy from 6th grade call me out for not knowing enough?

You know all of the excuses, because I’m pretty damn sure you’ve said them to yourself.

This morning, I felt called to share a post within a private facebook group for VA’s (virtual assistants) that sparked a lot of heart and preach emojis. I’m going to share it below and officially announce that Coaching for Creatives is now “a thing” for Jen and I at 16 Paws Creative. In full transparency we still don’t have a clear idea of what this is going to become - I want to create a podcast, vlog, retreat, take the stage, go global and Jen is reminding me to simply be a little bit more realistic and create more than one blog! Thanks business bestie, you’re right!

My post from the Facebook Group

While I am new to the VA world, I am not new to the business world in running a photography business for the past 16+ years.

The same posts keep coming up day after day.

+What skills do I need to become a VA?

+I have fear or I am an introvert.

+What if no one hires me? Why isn't anyone hiring me?

+Becoming upset or frustrated when a client doesn't sign or ends a contract.

Allow me to share some things I've learned over the years.

1 - You must value yourself because no one else will.

2 - Stop asking what skills you need to become a VA, ask yourself what skills do I already have and how can I leverage those skills to my fullest potential.

3 - You don't have fear - you lack confidence - this was a big one for me - confusing fear with lack of confidence. The more you try and push yourself forward the more confidence you will gain.

4 - Energy is everything! If you come off as stinky, desperate, and from a low vibration potential clients can feel, read, and absorb that energy. Lift your vibration - plug into personal development. (podcasts, youtube books)

5 - Not everyone is your client and you aren't everyone's VA. There is the right combination of service provider and client - the magic happens when those two things converge.

6 - Stop looking for work & money! Start looking for people and businesses to serve. Every day, wake up and find people to serve!

7 - Get out of your own way!

8 - Stop redesigning your logo, website, postcards, etc. You are hiding - get out and meet people! Again, how can you serve? In 16+ years of business never did my fancy letterpress business card that I spent $1000/100 generate me revenue!

9 - Always be marketing! Clients will come and go. Keeping your name in the market is key even if you have a full schedule.

10 - Level up your skills!

11- Please, use google! It's the greatest invention in the modern era! Every question you have can be answered in the google search bar.

12 - Find a way, not an excuse.

13 - A NO is not always a NO, it could be not right now! Some clients need to hear your name 3, 5, 6, 9 times before they hire you.

14 - People are watching you! If you flounder from one business to another over and over again - people want to see you put skin in the game.

15 - Show up for yourself - move your body daily, drink plenty of water, eat well, speak to yourself lovingly! If you are committed to showing up for clients - then you better show up for yourself!

16 - Have gratitude!

I truly do not mean to hurt feelings with this post instead to share what I have been learning over the past several years and most recently as I level up in life & business.

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