Who loves excuses? We all do because we make them all of the time.

Excuses keep us safe, they help us play small, they cover our mistakes, they keep us on the couch, they keep us from having exactly what we want in life.

Find a Way - Not an Excuse.

Excuse: I can’t lose weight because no one in my house wants to eat clean with me

Find a way: Make your own damn food - you are capable!

Excuse: I can’t build my business because I don’t know how to do X-Y-Z

Find a way: Have you ever heard of Google?

Side note: Google is super easy-Open internet browser and go to and type your question. And if that is too complicated - you can ask google if you have a keyboard and mic on your cell phone. Hey Google, how do I set up a newsletter?

Or better yet — You could ask a fellow business owner your admire or respect to mentor you for an afternoon (and take them out for lunch or PAY THEM - do not expect this for free! As my business mentor says - there is no such thing as a free lunch!). Another option you could pay the high school wiz-kid down the road to come help you set up your LinkedIn account.

Excuse: I can’t blog because I am not a good writer…

Find a way: Guys, I am a crappy writer and my father-in-law calls me out on it all the time, but I still hit publish on blog posts with missing words and poor grammar!

Excuse: I can’t manage my money…

Find a way: Type out that fancy thing called Google again and google Dave Ramsey.

Point is - everything you are avoiding is an excuse and we love excuses like I am currently loving tater tots! As the saying goes, if you want something bad enough you will find a way, if not it isn’t that important to you, to begin with!

If you are daring enough, leave your best excuse in the comments below - I’d love to help you find a way instead!

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