Benefits to working with a Virtual or Creative Assistant

After watching/listening to a recent Gary Vee vlog - I thought it might be ideal to share what makes working with a Virtual Assistant or Creative Assistant so different from an employee.

A women in the audience said that she didn’t want to be the #1 in a company - she’d rather be the best #2. She went on to ask how could she leverage herself to being a valuable #2.

His response, was something to the effect of fill in the gaps that the #1 doesn’t do well or isn’t within their skill set.

When a business owner is looking to expand or grow their company they often think hiring employees is the only path. Employees are great, but often aren’t invested in your business. They are invested in their personal life, receiving a paycheck no matter how good or bad the pay period, spending “downtime” on social media, and waiting for you to deliver the tasks. (sorry, not sorry!)

A virtual assistant or creative assistant is wired a little differently - first most are self starters and are motivated by crossing items off a to-do list. They want to fill in the gaps where the business owner (the #1) might not be a versed or can’t focus their attention in due to client commitments, product development, or quite frankly being the face behind the business.

Beyond being a self-starter and filling in the gaps working with a Virtual or Creative Assistant can bring these additional benefits to the table:

  • A business cheerleader who is invested in your business growth, because it’s their job security!

  • Someone who is invested in their own growth (personally & professionally)

  • Eliminated having an employee for a set number of hours per day or week - most VA’s working with packages of hours per month or on a by project basis.

  • No messy tax or payroll headaches - a VA is self-employed and handles all of their own taxes, salary, etc.

  • Freedom to focus on the things you love within your business!

  • Kiss the water cooler office drama goodbye!

  • Allows your business to function and run from anywhere in the world!

Of course there are downsides to working with a Virtual or Creative Assistant:

  • I’ll get back to you when I think of the downside!

In all honestly, growing a business is challenging enough and working with people who aren’t motivated, are more content to play on their phone all day, and show up simply for a paycheck aren’t those you want to surround yourself with. You want to surround yourself with those who push you to level up because they are working hard to level up as well. Research all of the different Virtual & Creative Assistants out there - you might need more than one to handle different projects or tasks and that’s okay!

And if you want to work with us, we’d love to schedule a virtual coffee date to discuss your needs and if we are the right fit for being you #2.

Amanda Kraft